12th U.S./North American Mine Ventilation Symposium

Editor: Keith G. Wallace, Jr. - 2008

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This volume documents the technical papers presented at the Twelfth U.S./North American Mine Ventilation Symposium. The U.S. Mine Ventilation Symposium series was established in 1982 by the Underground Ventilation Committee of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. The symposium was expanded in 2002 to include North America and has become one of the preeminent events for the advancement of Mine Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Underground Environmental Engineering. Although primarily focused on issues related to the mining and tunneling industries in North America, the event continues to attract professionals from around the world.

The Twelfth U.S. North American Mine Ventilation Symposium, held in Reno, Nevada June 9th to 11th, 2008, includes papers on Ventilation Planning, Heat and Humidity, Mine Dusts, Mine Fires, Tunnel Ventilation, Numerical Analysis, Coal Mine Methane, and Spontaneous Combustion. The symposium designated ventilation issues related to the 2006 Miner’s Act and Diesel Emissions Control as topics of special interest.

Participants in the 2008 Symposium were also presented with the opportunity to participate in several workshops covering the topics of Psychrometry and Climate, Dust Control, Heat Illness, Diesel Particulate Matter and Gases and Egress and Entrapment in mines as well as site visits to operating mines.

This book will be of special interest to Mine and Tunnel Ventilation Professionals, Instructors and Researchers in the field of subsurface ventilation, monitoring and control.