Mine Ventilation Services strives to keep up with the most current technology in mine ventilation systems. In order to do this, personnel from MVS can be found attending most ventilation related symposiums. It is a goal of MVS to share information on mine ventilation techniques and technology in order to increase the awareness in the mining community of the important role ventilation plays. Listed below are a number of papers that MVS has either authored or coauthored. Please feel free to download these PDF documents for your personal use.

  • US Mine Ventilation Symposium
  • INT. Mine Ventilation Congress
  • Other MVS Publications
  • Subsurface Ventilation Engineering

16th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium – Golden, Colorado, June 2017
Modeling the Underground Ventilation System at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to Ensure Proper Ventilation Alignment
Development of a Fire Modeling Study for the Chuquicamata Underground Mine

15th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium – Blacksburg, Virginia, June 2015
Conveyor Tunnel Airflow Requirement Update Based on Heat Exchange for the New Level Mine Project
Primary Mine Ventilation Solution for the New Level Mine Project During the Construction Period 2015 – 2020
Ventilation Analyses at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Post Radiological Event
Principle Roles of Mine Fire Simulation in Mine Management and Emergency Planning

14th US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium – Salt Lake City, Utah, June 2012
Comparison of barometer pressure surveys with other measuring techniques for determining frictional pressure loss in shafts
Ventilation system design for the CODELCO New Level Project
Fifteen years of resistance data collected at Freeport Indonesia

13th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, June 2010
Integrating Ventilation Monitoring Sensor Data with Ventilation Computer Simulation Software at the WIPP Facility
Conducting a Fire Modeling Study
Equivalent Roughness for Pressure Drop Calculations in Mine Ventilation

12th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – Reno, Nevada, June 2008
Measured Values of Coal Mine Stopping Resistance
Ventilation Planning at Energy West's Deer Creek Mine

11th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – Penn State University, University Park, June 2006
Ventilation Surveying and Modeling of Longwall Bleeder and Gob Areas
Observations on Mine Ventilation Education in the United States
Optimization of the Red Lake Mine Ventilation System

10th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – University of Alaska, Anchorage, May 2004
Measurement of Frictional pressure Differentials During a Ventilation Survey
Conducting a Comprehensive Baseline Study for Diesel Particulate Matter

9th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, June 2002
Ventilation Planning at the La Camorra Mine
Design of a Recovery Ventilation System for the Deer Island Outfall Tunnel

8th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – University of Missouri, Missouri, June 1999
Practical Values of Friction Factors
Evaluation of Different Airflow Sensors at the WIPP Facility
Rapid Evaluation of Rock Thermal Parameters at the Lucky Friday Mine

7th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – Lexington, Kentucky, June 1995
Ventilation Planning and Design of the Skyline Mines

6th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – Salt Lake City, Utah, March 1993
Coninuous Monitoring of NVP at WIPP

5th US Mine Ventilation Symposium – Morgantown, West Virginia, June 1991
Field Verification of Shaft Resistance Equations


10th International Mine Ventilation Congress – Sun City, Northwest Province South Africa, August 2014
A Summary of the Computational Fluid Dynamic application to the New Level Mine project of El Teniente
Ventilation planning at the P.T. Freeport Indonesia's GBC Mine

7th International Mine Ventilation Congress – Krakow, Poland, June 2001
General Operation Characteristics and Industry Practices of Mine Ventilation Systems
PT Freeport DOZ Mine Ventilation System

6th International Mine Ventilation Congress – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 1997
An Analysis of the Data Obtained from Ventilation Studies of Longwall Panels
Ventilation Planning at the El Indio Mine

4th International Mine Ventilation Congress – Brisbane, Australia, July 1988
An Analysis of the Resistance and Airflow Characteristics in Shafts

1st International Conference of Underground Mining
Development of a Fire Modeling Study for the Chuquicamata Underground Mine

1era Conferencia Internacional de Minería Subterránea
Desarrollo de un Estudio de Modelamiento de Incendio para la Construcción de la Mina Chuquicamata Subterránea

23rd World Mining Congress and Expo – Montreal, Quebec, August 2013
Establishing Total Airflow Requirements For Underground Metal/Non-Metal Mines With Tier IV Diesel Equipment

The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference – Adelaide, SA, July 2013
Ventilation Considerations for the New Level Mine Project Access Tunnels

Coal Mine Ventilation Efficiency
Coal Mine Ventilation Efficiency: A Comparison of US Coal Mine Ventilation Systems