Engineering Services

Mine Ventilation Services is a professional engineering consulting firm with world-wide experience. We specialize in solving ventilation and climatic problems associated with the operation of mines and other subsurface facilities, including those which pose special challenges due to unusual geographic or geologic conditions.  MVS engineers can provide the following technical services:

  • Comprehensive ventilation surveys of all types of underground facilities.

  • Ventilation system designs at any level of detail required (e.g., conceptual, pre-feasibility, feasibility or construction).

  • Trouble-shooting of existing facilities and designs or of specific problems associated with heat, dust, gaseous contaminants, pressure differentials, etc.

  • Climatic studies designed to identify potentially hazardous sub-surface conditions and mitigate them through air heating or cooling systems as required.

  • Analyses of underground fire risk(s) and mine fire modeling scenarios designed to assist mine operators in optimizing mine design and escape planning.

  • Diesel particulate matter (DPM) sampling and analyses.

  • Comprehensive emissions reduction strategies tailored to meet the individual requirements of specific operations.

  • Proof of concept modeling studies for the evaluation of design alternatives.

  • Peer review of ventilation-related technical reports, models and designs.

If you have any questions regarding the technical capabilities of Mine Ventilation Services or would like to request a copy of our Engineering Qualifications or any other additional information, please Contact Us.