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How about software protection?

MVS uses the HASP keytag system for software protection. These keytags connect to the USB port. Network HASP keytags have been tested and operate on all common network systems.

What program support will be available?

At MVS we believe that it is important to include a User's Manual with all software. The Users Manuals have been developed using Adobe Acrobat, and a free copy of the Acrobat reader software (version 4.0) is included with the program. Significant efforts were devoted to developing detailed Help Tools that provide the first source of information to the user. The software also incorporates full Help Menu features and tutorials.

As with all our software, MVS provides full engineering technical support to our program users. MVS is an engineering consulting firm, which allows our technical personnel to be fully acquainted with the practical application of VnetPC (data collection, data reduction, development of the network, correlation of the model, future design analyses, etc.).

Product Training?

MVS offers short courses on ventilation planning and design using the VnetPC Pro+ program. The training may be offered at a specific operation, or may be a general course affiliated with a university or conference. Please contact us for training inquiries.

I do not live in the US, but I still want one of your programs!

We offer shipping all around the world. The HASP keytag along with the program and drivers (on a USB flash drive) will be mailed to you automatically.

I installed VnetPC and HASP drivers fine, but trying to open an existing or new file gives me an error.  What should I do?

Download the most recent version of your software from the Downloads page.

Is VNet compatible with VnetPC Pro+ files?

Yes. From VNet, you will need to import the Pro+ .vdb model. VNet will automatically save a .vds file in the same directory with the same filename from which you imported the Pro+ model. Models from VnetPC Pro and earlier versions will be required to be saved in VnetPC Pro+ before importing into the new VNet. Please be aware that VnetPC Pro+ is not currently forward compatible. Therefore, models (.vds) saved in VNet will not open in earlier versions of VnetPC.

What is the difference between VNet and VnetPC Pro+?

While adapted and improved from VnetPC Pro+, VNet aims to be the most user-friendly, economical choice in the industry for ventilation planning.

We have a WAN with different Subnets. The client stations on the same subnet as the HASP Server work fine however the stations on other subnets do not see the HASP. How do they get connected to the HASP over a different Subnet?

Follow the steps mentioned below to get an application to acquire your licenses across different SUBNETS. These steps are to be done on each of the clients on the end of the alternate subnet.

  1. In a browser, type in http://localhost:1947. If the page cannot be displayed, download and install the Sentinel Runtime Drivers from our website’s download page and try again.
  2. Under “Configuration” then in the Access to Remote License Manager tab, uncheck “Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses“ while leaving the others checked as shown below.
  3. Under “Specify Search Parameters” fill in the IP or the Host Name of the Computer or Server from which the Network HASP is plugged in to. Note: If you have multiple NIC's and need to enter multiple IP's, each IP is to be sepoarated by a "return" placing the IP's on their own line.
  4. Click "Submit" to save settings


How long can I use your Demo program?

All of our Demo programs have no time limit. The main limitation for all of our demos is that there is no save functionality.

What is the difference between VNet and VNet Demo?

Other than the "no save" feature, all models are limited to 100 Branches. Be aware of this when importing an existing VnetPC (.vdb) model as VNet Demo will truncate the model to the first 100 branches. This will effectively "break" the full original model.